Size Matters

Scaling down the dress size, waist size ultimately comes down to portion size. Portion size of your plate is as important as its content. Serving size in America has gone up tremendously, so is our waistline. When the serving size goes up the caloric content of a meal also goes up. Just for comparison, calories in a serving of French fries in 1980’s was 210 Vs 610 currently. A slice of pizza jumped from 500 calories in the 80’s to 850 calories at present time! Downsizing the portion will in turn decrease your caloric intake and it will be the first step towards eating healthy. You may ask” What is a right portion size? Will I be able to follow it? “The answer is “yes”. It is all in your hands… literally! A simple guide to portion size is with your hands.

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Dr. Chandrasekaran Aparna Chandrasekaran, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Her primary area of care is centered around screening, preventing and management of overweight/ obesity. She offers a comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program at Jersey Medical Weight Loss Center, Somerset,NJ. She is a member of Obesity Medicine Association and is actively involved in spreading awareness about Obesity through her blogs, radio show, and presentations. Her article " Body Mass Index-Is It Reliable Indicator of Obesity" got published in the Journal of Nutrition & Weight Loss in February 2018.

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