New Year...New Beginning

As we put away the Christmas decorations,clear the last piece of chocolate, throw away the left-overs from the holiday party, we realize that it is already New Year. A New Year signals a new beginning. A fresh start with renewed energy to overcome our challenges, a new chance to accomplish our dreams.

Once the calendar resets to January 1st, we suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to reset our bodies to the healthiest version possible. We jot down the list of things to achieve in the new year. Weight loss being the top most priority this year again for many, we are excited at the same time overwhelmed to navigate our way through the maze of diet plans,supplements and medicines.

Here are some quick tips to reach your optimum weight this year and also to keep it off :

1. Set realistic goals. Write down your goal weight, most importantly set a date especially if you have any upcoming event. The weight did not come on overnight so do not expect it to come down easily either. 

2. Track your weight weekly on the same scale in the morning without clothes and maintain a log. 

3. Focus on eating healthy. Allot time for smart grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation. This will go a long way not only in weight loss but also in improving your energy level,saving you money and time. If time is in short supply,make use of the food delivery services that caters to health conscious consumers with fresh ingredients and recipes delivered right to your doorstep. 

4. Exercise can be fun. Sweating it off on the treadmill is not the only way to burn calories. Choose any physical activity that you enjoy doing, be it gardening or walking the dog but maintain a regime. 

5. Make use of technology. Apps like MyFitness Pal, Fitbit make tracking easier right from the palm of your hand.

6. Clear your mind of all conflicts. Emotional instability can lead to binge eating, insomnia, depression and weight gain. 

7. Partner with a pal. Having a weight loss partner can be both motivating and supportive. Friendly competition like "Biggest Loser" among girlfriends, family members or colleagues can give you the best outcome.


Let this year be the one to tip the scale in your favor. Good luck.

Dr. Chandrasekaran Aparna Chandrasekaran, MD, is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Her primary area of care is centered around screening, preventing and management of overweight/ obesity. She offers a comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program at Jersey Medical Weight Loss Center, Somerset,NJ. She is a member of Obesity Medicine Association and is actively involved in spreading awareness about Obesity through her blogs, radio show, and presentations. Her article " Body Mass Index-Is It Reliable Indicator of Obesity" got published in the Journal of Nutrition & Weight Loss in February 2018.

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