COVID crisis

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During this unprecedented time with COVID-19 crisis, I hope you and your family are staying safe. As we go through this challenging period, it is essential to pay attention to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Anxiety, sleeplessness, depressed mood pose a severe threat to mental health, which in turn can impair one’s immunity. Stress also tips off the vicious cycle of binge eating, weight gain, depressed mood. Besides, due to the lockdown situation, physical activity is very much curtailed. Feeling overwhelmed, fear of falling sick, added to the financial burden of unemployment impose enormous stress on everyone. We feel the impact of it every single day. Some react to stress by resorting to food as a stress buster. Overall it is a challenging time for anyone with a weight loss goal. Here are a few tips to stay on track :



Let’s tide over this pandemic by paying attention to our health and staying positive. Follow the three “S” steps - Sanitize, Stay home, and Social distancing. Together we will combat this outbreak and come out stronger than ever. 

Be well, and stay safe.





COVID -19 image courtesy freepik.

Dr. Aparna Chandra, MD, FOMA Dr. Chandra is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She has been honored with the designation of Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association for her contribution to obesity medicine. Her primary focus has been centered around screening, preventing, and managing obesity. She offers a comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program at Jersey Medical Weight Loss Center, Somerset, NJ. She is actively involved in spreading awareness about Obesity through her blogs, radio shows, podcasts, Youtube channel, and publications.

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